Red Team Operator


Company Description

Banshie is a Danish based independent Cyber Security company, that specialize in helping organizations protect themselves from real-world attacks by testing and breaking their security, detecting breaches, and responding to incidents.

We have a high focus on technical proficiency and delivering true value to our customers.

​We are an output driven business, which means your output is what is ultimately important, we don’t micromanage.

Job Description

The position will be to act as a red team operator as a part of a team performing red team operations, assumed breach assessments and detection validation exercises. As a consultant you will work with some of the largest companies in Denmark and internationally to improve their security posture and help drive them forward.

You will be faced with complex and technical problem-solving issues; therefore, you are expected to quickly acquire new information and knowledge as we have to keep up with all current trends and adversaries.

You will be trained in our custom, in-house developed post exploitation tool named GEIST, that we use to simulate intrusions.

At Banshie we believe in an 80/20 principle, which is why approximately 20% of your time will be focussed on research and development of either you own skill set or improving internal technology.

A passion for security

At Banshie we are passionate about what we do. Therefore, we expect you to have a passion for computers, hackings, security and most importantly, solving problems.


This position requires a thorough understanding tools, tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries to conduct intrusions into target organization to include in depth working knowledge of intrusion attack phases.

The role will have responsibility of performing lateral movement and designing attack paths as well as exfiltration techniques after a foothold has been established.

Preferred Qualifications & Experience

  • Experience working with Red Team operations as well as purple team delivery

  • Consistently able to demonstrate strong Consulting knowledge

  • Some prior experience delivering work on customer engagements is preferable

  • Certifications within the area of Red Teaming and Offensive security

  • Technical report writing and documentation of red team and penetration testing activities

  • Strong Active Directory Environment knowledge

  • Shell scripting or automation of simple tasks using common scripting languages

  • Presentation of technical details to both a technical and executive audiences

  • Working knowledge of the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Additional Information

  • The team is working out of Copenhagen

  • It is possible to work from home