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New CEO Appointed

Thomas Birn, who founded Banshie along with Dennis Nilsson has taken over the role of CEO while Dennis has taken on the task of running Banshies new sister company, Hackstar Studios.

Thomas has been running professional services since the company was founded and Banshie is well-known to be a frontrunner in technical excellence and high professionalism when delivering cyber security services.

Our reputation and culture will always be a core value in Banshie as it continues to grow in size and reach.

“I love Banshie and all that it stands for today. We set out to build a cybersecurity company that does things differently than everyone else and we are driven by a mission to secure our clients by providing no bullshit cybersecurity.

We will continue to evolve our business and attract the best talent available to ensure that we keep on providing this mantra to our current and future partners”

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