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Incident Response

Benfit from scalable
incident response

Incident Response

Incident Response is in our DNA and is not magic, at Banshie we provide a structure to the chaos to ensure your organization gets through in the best possible manner.
Some key objectives of our investigations are:


  1. Determine the full extent of the compromise.​​

  2. Determine if the incident is ongoing.

  3. Determine how the infrastructure was compromised.

  4. Identify the timeline of the attack.

  5. Determine if sensitive data has been compromised or exfiltrated.

  6. Determine the identity of the attacker(s).

  7. Identify appropriate countermeasures: network/host-based.

  8. Develop/implement remediation steps.

  9. Strategic Remediation.

  10. Document findings.

  11. Monitor for the effectiveness of the remediation activities​.


The Banshie Incident Response Retainer (IRR) allows you to establish terms

and conditions in place before a cyber security incident is suspected.


With an IRR in place, you have a trusted partner on standby, and is like an insurance policy—it gives you additional resources to deal with a devastating cyber attack.



Get priority access to our experts to ensure you hit the ground running

Save time

Have everything in place and able to switch days/hours to hours/minutes

Save money

Benefit from reduced costs related to the time spent and tools used


Depending on your retainer service level and agreement, pre-allocated hours and at a discount rate. To learn more about the benefits of our Incident Response Retainer services please contact us. 

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