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About Us

Banshie is a Danish independent cyber security company with a small team of recognized specialist that are among the best in their field. The company was founded by Dennis Nilsson and Thomas Birn who both have a strong technical background from exploiting networks and responding to some of the biggest security incidents.
We are passionate about building true IT-security that helps companies get an upperhand in this already unbalanced fight and our mission is clear.

"Help companies detect, respond and ultimately secure their data"

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Our Services

Consultancy Services

Our strong team has experience in building network monitoring solutions, analyzing network traffic, reverse engineering malware, responding to security incidents and hacking into networks by getting past even modern security defences.

We are independent and unbiased regarding products and know what works and what doesn't work when building or investing in IT-security.

By building and maturing a company's detection and response capabilities, it is possible to gain that upperhand in an already unbalanced fight.

We also have experience in testing various SCADA/ICS networks for vulnerabilities and know how these systems differentiate from corporate environments.

These are some of the specific services we can assist with.

  • Planning and executing traditional Pentesting or Red Team exercises
  • Testing SCADA/ICS environments for vulnerabilities
  • Responding to incidents and help you understand how an attacker got past your defenses in case of a breach
  • Analyzing malware samples by reverse engineering the code
  • Building and maturing Security Operation Centers and Blue Teams
  • Through digital forensics, we recover lost data and evidence

Got Hacked?

Responding to incidents is like a second nature for us. We know what to look for and help you understand how the attackers got past your defences and what they did on your network.

Our team consist of incident responders and network analysts who have been involved in some of the largest data breaches.

Call us, we can help.

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You can ask us about IT-security or other Cyber stuff.