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We help companies detect, respond and ultimately secure their data

Companies that trust us

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Are You Ready to Secure Your Business?

Our mission is to help companies detect, respond, and ultimately secure their data.

We offer no filter advise and guide you to a more secure company. 

Banshie is an extremely valuable partner for TDC, which helps lift the maturity of TDC's Cyber Defense, both in analysis, processes, tools and training.

- Director

TDC,  Cyber Defense Center


We are a Danish-based independent Cyber Security company, we specialize in helping companies

protect themselves by testing and breaking their security, detecting breaches, and responding to incidents. 

Built on the belief that to obtain true Cyber Defense capabilities, companies must understand both the defensive and offensive side of cyber threats and our mission is clear. 

We provide the insight
you need

Banshie provides professional services within multiple Cyber Security Fields.


This enables us to support companies during their journey to become more secure.

Professional Services

Blockchain Security

Bugs and errors can be found everywhere and code is something that you should always get multiple eyes on. We have the expertise to find and secure your applications and projects.

Defensive Services

Defensive services assist you in detecting and responding to attacks on your infrastructure.

Offensive Services

Offensive services are designed to pressure test your process, people, and technology to provide insight into where you need to focus your efforts.


We use our own technology for many services. This enables us to stand out and provide truly unique services for our customers.

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